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Many things in life have a normal, or normal range.  In healthcare it is no different.  There are many established normals that most people are aware of. Such as normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol and normal vision.  There are also normals for the structures of the spine.

Normals don’t mean that we expect everyone to be PERFECT, but there are healthy ranges for people to be in.  When doctors perform tests they gain information about what needs to change, how much, and in what direction.  Of course, some measurements depend on age and other factors.

At Precision Chiropractic we look for significant three dimensional shifts of the spine that are out of the normal range.  The most important area this can occur in is where the  head and neck join together.  This is the primary focus of our practice.  The medical term for this area is called the Cranio-Cervical Junction.  Or, more commonly called, the upper cervical area.

If your head and neck alignment shifts significantly, wide ranging secondary conditions can develop.  Often these shifts will cause muscles to spasm, ligaments to deform, and most importantly, it can disrupt the NERVES traveling from brain to body, and body to brain.  New research is also showing the importance of this area in maintaining normal blood flow, and normal cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) flow into and out of the brain.

After carefully examining patients our goal is to restore patients to normal alignment as quickly as possible.  We are always pleased when we can achieve a measured 80-100% correction.  This means you are in a normal range, and when we are able to do this it significantly increases the likelihood of great results.