What's Structural Chiropractic?

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Structural Chiropractic vs. Traditional Chiropractic

Traditional Chiropractic

Traditional chiropractors focus on goals like decreasing muscular spasm, increasing range of motion, and reducing pain. This is how most chiropractors practice, and I believe most of them are great at what they do for symptom relief and symptom management.  It doesn’t work for everyone and has some limitations.

Structural Chiropractic

Structural Chiropractors take an engineering approach to the spine and treatment. Not only do we want you to feel better, we want to see evidence that your spine has changed for the better.

We listen to you and how you are feeling, however we do not use this to determine what to do or how to take care of you. It’s really no different than when your medical doctor asks you how you are, and then proceeds to check your blood work, urine and blood pressure, so they know what to prescribe, how much and how often.  Our office uses:

  • Precision Digital Structural Radiographs
  • Precision Structural Analysis
  • Laser Guided Foundational Assessment
  • Weight Distribution Assessment
  • Orthopedic and Neurologic Tests
  • Laser Guided Sensory Motor Integration Assessment

We measure everything objectively

By getting accurate and precise measurements of your spine we are able to make a very exact and customized correction to help return your body to normal structure – where your body functions and heals best.  Like doctors in other specialties, we listen to how you feel and then look to tests and measurements to determine treatment.

Of course our services aren’t for everyone. However, if:

  • You have tried “everything”
  • What you are doing isn’t working
  • Have been told nothing else can be done
  • You are tired of constantly patching the problem
  • Surgery seems like the only option
  • You don’t want more medication
  • Physical Therapy hasn’t worked
  • Traditional Chiropractic hasn’t worked
  • You’re looking for a long term solution that you can feel and see for yourself

Then Precision Chiropractic may be the right place for you.  Once corrected and stabilized we will teach you how to keep it that way.  Customized recommendations will be designed for you and your spine so that you need as few corrections as possible over the longest periods of time possible.